About us

Welcome to our website! We are a group of licensed tour guides, historians  and professional genealogists who have been working mostly in Poznan & the surrounding areas, but also in all Poland since 1997. Our team: Kasia, Magda and Lukasz.

In the beginning, we were interested in the history of our families, but that hobby grew as we started to dig deeper into our past. Prompted by some of our foreign friends seeking advice from us on the internet, to help trace their own families’ histories in our country, our personal hobbies shortly turned into setting up “Discovering Roots.” Today, our passion is focused on helping others look for their roots in Poland, and in many cases, reconnecting them with family members their ancestors left behind long ago. 
We truly admire our guests who, not only spend countless hours researching their past, but whose own passions and desires lead them to travel many thousands of miles to come to their ancestors’ homeland, and explore the places where they came from. At “Discovering Roots,” we appreciate that everyone’s story is a little different; everybody is unique, so it is important to us that we work together with our guests to tailor for them the experience of a lifetime.

Unlike typical group bus tours, at “Discovering Roots” we focus on each individual guest’s needs and desires. If they want to spend more time exploring a place, have us talk to locals for them, to gather information, or simply want to take more photos for their memory books, we do not cut the experience short, and rush them on to the next tourist destination, which might not have sentimental meaning to them. We enjoy sharing in the excitement of their discoveries, and it is our real pleasure to experience them with our guests.

We are very fond of the wonderful memories connected with our many trips; having had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and families over the years; many of whom we have maintained special friendship with.

The greatest reward for us at “Discovering Roots,” is knowing that we were able to help others solve some of the mysteries of their heritage, and at the same time, discover our beautiful country.  

If you are interested in “Discovering Roots” helping you plan a trip to Poland, need help in researching your roots, or just have questions regarding our services, please send us an e-mail. One of us will respond as soon as possible. Although our main area of expertise is the general Poznań area, as licensed tour guides, we are knowledgeable about many regions in Poland, and would be happy to visit them with you, whether large or small.

 Anybody who previously was on a trip with us and would like to share their stories is most welcome and we’ll include the story in our blog.

We hope you were able to find some useful information relevant to your genealogical interests.

                                                    Thank you for visiting our website.