Sons at War by Jane Sweetland


In Jane Sweetland’s family, there’s a legend that her uncle Ted and a German pilot Joachim shot each other down in World War II. While investigating this, Sweetland unearthed a true story that was more fascinating than she had imagined.

When Jane arrived to Poland looking for traces of Joachim we discovered the beauty and history  of this area.

The Province of Pomerania (German : Provinz Pommern; Polish: Prowincja Pomorze) was a province of Prussia from 1815 to 1945. Pomerania was established as a province of the Kindom of Prussia a in 1815, an expansion of the older Brandenburg – Prussia province of Pomerania, and then became part of theGerman empiree in 1871. From 1918, Pomerania was a province of the Free state of Prussiaa until it was dissolved in 1945 following World War II, and its territory divided between Poland and Allied -occupied Germany. Stetting (present-day Szczecin, Poland) was the provincial capital.

Towns like Schonfeld(Polish: Żeńsko) Friedrichshof (Polish:Radomyśl) and Dramburg (Polish;Drawsko) were the places the German pilot came from.

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