Baltimore’s Polish Churches – Poles and their churches in Baltimore

“Book of Baltimore’s Polish Churches by Anthony J. Monczewski Jr. ”

Monczewski Cover 1.indd

“Beginning in the 1950’s Polish immigrants left villages and churches to cross the Atlantic in search of the better life. Some landed in Fells Point and Little Poland, where they established nine churches. Today Maryland has more than 150,000 people with Polish ancestry. The history of Baltimore’s Polish is chronicled in the history of their parishes. They were established to be like the Polish village they left. For decades, the parish was their religious and community center. Baltimore’s Polish American experience is seen through its churches and Little Poland where its people were friendly, patriotic and deeply religious”

Mr. Anthony J. Monczewski who grew up at the Holy Rosary Parish donated copies of his newly printed book to the church. It covers the history of 9 parishes to commemorate the achivements of Baltimore’s Polish Immigrants and its priests from its formative years to present day. Other topics include the Polish immigration to Baltimore, life in Little Poland, the Polish priests and sister religious orders, schools, newspapers, monuments, societies, cemeteries, historic details, etc. All proceeds the “Raise the Roof” project. You can order the book from the parish;


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