False impressions of Poland

Polish folk dance

Being hidden behind the “Iron Curtain” for so many decades, we’ve learned that many people still have a false impression of what modern day Poland is like. I remember several years ago a guest coming here for the first time thinking everyone wore “ethnic folk costumes” on a daily basis, that we all lived in clay houses with thatched roofs, and even that chickens roamed free around our yards.

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Skansens – open air museums in Poland

Most of our   ancestors emmigrated becasue of difficult  conditions they  lived in. For us  people born  in 20-th century it is hard to imagine how life  used to look like back then. Visiting open air museums  – “Skanseny”  which present the farms from over 100 years ago is a good option to understand it better. Below we listed  in alphabetical order all Skansens in Poland.


OSOWICZE Museum of  a village a branch of Podlaskie Museum in Bialystok

BÓBRKA Museum Skansen  of  Oil industry near Krosno

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