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Greater Poland oldest emboidery

Small village hidden from the main road  in the middle of Greater Poland countryside.(Greater Poland, often known by its Polish name Wielkopolska is a historical region of west-central Poland). Known for its  XIV century wooden sanctuary (where by the way my ancestors – Smółka family members attended for more than 200 …

Sons at War by Jane Sweetland

In Jane Sweetland’s family, there’s a legend that her uncle Ted and a German pilot Joachim shot each other down in World War …

“Book of Baltimore’s Polish Churches by Anthony J. Monczewski Jr. ” “Beginning in the 1950’s Polish immigrants left villages and churches to cross the Atlantic in search of the better life. Some landed in Fells Point … → October 23, 2017

False impressions of Poland

Being hidden behind the “Iron Curtain” for so many decades, we’ve learned that many people still have a false impression of what …

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