a cemeteryOur passion is based upon genealogy research and we will be happy to help you to find as much as possible about your ancestors. We understand that due to the language differences, and complicated history of Poland, it can be very difficult to find and understand records without the assistance from “locals” who have the necessary “know-how” and are able to access additional resources.

Different records` locations. We have already more than twenty years of experience dealing with the State and Catholic Archives, civil records offices, and local parishes all across the country. Nowadays  we also  use on-line databases, which we verify  with the original resources to recieve the most precise and truthful information on your ancestors, like surnames` changes, villages` names or professions.

Where do we operate? We specialize in researching in the Greater Poland region, which was also known as the Prussian Province of Posen, but which also includes the Westernmost parts of the Polish territory once under Russian domination. However, our experience covers many other areas of the country known before as Pomerania, East Prussia, West Prusia, Silesia,  the Kindom of Poland and Galicia.

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